How to Surf Better: Episode 2


We’re back!

The legends, me and Twiggy, are back talking shit, answering questions, and blabbering about surfing.

Speaking of Surf Coaching Trips, go have a look at what we’ve got coming up, and join us!  Surf Coaching Trips

Keep an eye out for Episode 3 of Coffee & Surf Coaches coming soon, and a Surf Strength Coach Podcast just around the corner.


Show Rundown:

2:30 tips to recognise and avoid rip currents

5:40 best exercises to improve and increase upper body strength

7:35 pulling in, how to get over the fear of a possible wipe out

10:40 how to overcome surf fear after having had a scary episode in the water

14:00 foot placement on a shortboard, and how to find front foot placement

15:35 how to read waves more efficiently, how to stay high on a wave when surfing backhand barrels, how to surf more vertically in the pocket

20:15 best dynamic movements for mobility at end ranges

22:30 how can twiggy eat so many biscuits and remain so lean

24:00 fluid surfing, I surf like a robot, how can I change that?

28:20 what is the best way to get used to bigger waves than you’re accustomed to?

33:20 what are the key components of a good takeoff?

36:30 what’s the best body maintenance and nutrition for surf trips?

41:15 Dropping in backside, losing speed, and getting stuck on the bottom.

43:15 Stretch, strengthen, and increase foot and ankle mobility

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